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St-42 Knight girdle buckle and strapend set
69,00 €
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KB 031M Knight Belt - Rudolf IV of Vienna - On Stock
Belt is compound of 17 segmental mounts, laid on gross leather belt ( sewed by hand ) with another one thiner.
Length: 93 cm
Width: 5,5 cm
505,00 €
KB 070 Knightly girdle - ON Stock
Double leather, sewed knightly belt.
Dated: 1250-1350
Width: 4,5 cm
Fittings: M-02 x 12 szt.
Stamps: Fleur de lys" – a stamping based on archeological finds from London, Kolobrzeg (Poland) and Germany. Source: Based on gravestone of prince Henryk IV Probus.
285,00 €
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