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S-083 Knightly girdle strapend
22,00 €
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AP-20R Arm Defenses
Availability: for order - up to 4 months
Arm defenses.

This particular armor has tempered iron parts (1mm thickness, 1,5mm on elbows ) so that while being light, it has excellent durability. Hardness achieved by tempering assure proper elasticy.
(plates have enough flexibility to not shatter, but are hard enough not to deform)

Dated: 1360-1370

Source: Levitic pew-Verden Cathedral

Materials: natural floral tanned leather, spring steel 1 mm and 1,5mm, hardened up to 40-42 HRC, hand flattened rivets

Technique: - fully handmade: hammering, riveting...

Weight: ca. 1,9 kg

Shoulder protection: diameter - 12 cm
Opach: height - 29cm; circumference - min 41 cm, max
Elbow protection: diameter - ca. 15 cm; circumference - min 37 cm, max
Vambraces: height - 25 cm; circumference - min 26
332,00 €
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A buckle for belts, armour or garters - "double"
Dated: 1350-1650
Wymiary: A-1,8cm (0,7''), B-2cm (0,8''), C-2,2cm, D-3,5cm
Source: R. Whitehead "Buckles" (England)
Dated: 1330-1410
Materials: natural floral tanned leather, hardened up to 40-42 HRC, hand flattened rivets
Weight: ca 3,2 kg
Size: Lenght (circumference): 113 cm, height: 61,5 cm
Dated: 1350-1650
Size : A-2,4cm; C-3,4cm; D-5,6 cm
Source: Find from England, R. Whitehead "Buckles".
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