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St-12 Buckle and strapend set for 13th cent.
30,00 €
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AH-03B Medieval helmet - kettle hat with lining - ready to battle
Availability: for order - up to 4 weeks
Open helmets with wide brim, aka kettle hat ( in sources from 14-15th cent. called: klobuk, klobuczek, eisenhunt ) was very popular head protection, used by less wealthy postmens and infantry, as well as knights.

Kettle hat has its upper part in form of a usual bascinet and slightly retrosed brim. Crest goes through upper part and front part of brim.

Kettle hats of this type were very popular pattern, which we can see on numerous iconographical representation from 2nd half of 14th cent. and 15th cent. : Poliptch from Grudziadz and Great Chornicle of France (~1370).

Dated: ca. 1350-1450

Weight: 2900 g

Material: 2mm C45 steel, tempered

Inside circumference: 65 (with lining) - for 57-60 cm head circumference

Inside length of upper part: 24 cm

Total length: 39 cm

Total height: 25 cm

Source: Wall paintings of Altichiero da Zevio, ca.1380.

290,00 €
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Inni klienci kupujący ten produkt zakupili również
Dated: 1450-1550
Size: A-2,6 cm; B-4 cm; C-2,5 cm
Source: A finding from England
R.Whitehead, "Buckles"
Dated: 1250-1500
Color: light brown
Lenght: ca. 60 cm
Width: ca. 1 cm
Buckle: B-014
Thread spool - small
Length - ca. 11cm
Dated: 1300-1500
Overall length: 160-165 mm
Dated: 1350-1500
Width: 2cm
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