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St-48 Knight girdle buckle and strapend set
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SD-07 Big triangular shield "Goliath" 13th cent. - wooden planks
Availability: for order - up to 8 weeks

The shield is based on iconographical depiction from Maciejowski Bilble dated on year 1250 and
sculptures from Naumburg Cathedral also existed shields from the period: Effigy of Timo von Kisteritz and Wilhelm von Camburg dated on 1250;
Shield of Landgraf Konrad of Thuringia 1240 ; Shield of Vogte von Keseberg 1250.

Dated: 1200-1300

Height: 100 cm

Width: 67 cm (measured along the circumference)

Technology of production is based on the existing original shields:

 Thickness of planks: 10-13 mm

Width of planks : 50-60 mm

Weight: ca. : ---

Material: Poplar glued planks.

To finish the shield you need to cover it with parchment, linen, gesso then paint it and fix the leather handles and belts.

Recipe for gesso You can find in the "advices" section


Medieval shields were made from glued wooden planks, usually butted against each other without any dowels or tongues. The planks were usually 40-80 mm wide and 10-13mm (somethimes up to 15mm) thick. Shields were made of linden, poplar or birch wood. What made them springy and resilient was a layer of parchment leather and linen applied with bone glue. The linen was covered with gesso - a mixture of bone glue and chalk powder - which served as a ground layer for the coat-of-arms and simultaneously added to protection. Coats of arms were painted with egg temperas, today usually replaced with acrylic paints. Straps and cushions were usually attached last, after the painting was done, so that if they could be replaced without damaging the painting and the linen and leather layers.

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