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St-44 Buckle and strapend set for Houppelande belt
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B-114 Belt or armour buckle from Wroclaw
Availability: ON STOCK
Trapezoidal belt or armour buckle

Dated: 1300-1500

Source: Archeological find from Wrocław (Breslau)

Available silver and gold plated versions (realization time: 2 weeks)

Size : A-2cm; B-2,5 cm; C-2,3 cm

6,00 €
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Buckle for broadsword/rapier belt
Dated: 1550-1650
Size: A-1,8cm (0,7''), B-2cm (0,8''); C-2,2 cm (0,8''); D-3,5cm (1,4'')
Source: Germany ca. 1620, Wallace Collection.
Double belt buckle
Dated: 1550-1650
Size: A-1,5 cm (0,5''); C-2,1 cm (0,8''); D-4,9cm (1,9'')
Source: A finding from Poland
Dated: 1300-1400
Size: A-1,1 cm, B-1,6 cm, C-2,3 cm
Source: A find from France, Region de Sens
D-shaped belt buckle (with buckle plate)
Dated: 1350-1500
Size : A-2,1 cm, B-2,7 cm, C-2,8 cm,
Source: Archeological find from Gdansk.
Dating: 1300-1400.
Measures: inside diameter: 12 mm; height: 13 mm
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