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M-98 Belt mount or scabbard mount "Fleur de Lys" - medium
2,40 €
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SC-03 Sword belt & Scabbard for 13-th cent.
Availability: for order - up to 4 weeks

The scabbard has a typical 13th century knotted suspension belt, complete with 13th cent. buckle and strap end.

The scabbard’s chape is based on the depiction of the sword of Ekkehard II, margrave of Meissen from 1240 in the cathedral in Naumburg.

The inside is made of several layers of leather sewn together, hardened and shaped to resemble a wooden scabbard. The outermost layer is thin leather sewn on the back side of the scabbard. A leather scabbard is more durable than a wooden one – it’s elastic and doesn’t break when hit or when you fall down on it in a fight.

The price doesn't include the sword.

Dated: 1200-1300
330,00 €
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