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KB 001 Knight girdle enameled
Availability: for order - up to 4 weeks
This type of knightly girdles was widly represented by iconography of 14th and 15th century. This certain girdle is patterned on belt on gravestone of Rudolf v. Sachsenhausen (+1371). Compound of 18 fittings M-19, enameled laid on a gross leather belt ( sewed by hand ) with another as solid as first one. Belt with fittings fastened with a large four-leaf rosette, which back side has a fastener. This kind of belt as well as fastener allow only a slight regulation of circumference, so it is vital to exactly measure circumference in apparel or armament.

Belt can be furnished with ears for sword or dagger.

Dated: 1360-1450

Width: Belt with fittings ~6 cm., rosette - 11 x 11 cm.

Lenght: 102 cm

Source: Iconogrophy - belt from gravestone from 1350-1450.
Gravestones from Germany: Rudolf von Sachsenhausen +1371 (Frankfurt), Graf von Katzenelnbogen +1370 (Wiesbaden-Biebriech),
Gravestones from England: Sir Edwar Dalinrugge +1386, Sir Thomas Cheyne +1368, William de Breyene +1395, Edmund Peacock +1400.

Material: brass, natural leather, enamels

Order notices:
Plaese add in order form Your circumferance measures separetly for smaller measure and bigger (for example for armour costume)
We will contact with You after cost recalculation.
Every one additional element (~6 cm) with installation cost about 18 EUR

Below schedule means:
"Enamel 1" - background color 1
"Enamel 2" - background color 2
Enamel Color 1:
Enamel Color 2:
580,00 €
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