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Shop's statute.

General conditions

  1. The following conditions apply to all sales in the online store at, henceforth called “the Store”.

  2. The Store is owned by:

    LORIFACTOR Łukasz i Katarzyna Lewandowscy s.c.

    95-030 Rzgów, Gadka Stara

    ul. Lucerniana 68

    NIP 728-279-03-69

    REGON 101446120

Registered by: the president of the city of Łódź

henceforth called “the Seller”. The Seller hereby declares that he runs an official business in Poland.

  1. Purchases in the Store can be made only by persons of age, henceforth called “the Buyer”.


Registration and personal data protection

  1. To make a purchase in the Store Buyer does not have to register. At the same time it needs to be stated that FULL REGISTRATION allows the Buyer to earn temporary and permanent DISCOUNTS and information about new products.

  2. The Store collects and processes personal information of the Buyers. All information about personal data protection is included in the Privacy Policy.


Sales and shipping

  1. All prices of the products offered by the Store are given in Euro. Given prices do not include shipping costs.

  2. The Store is an invitation to place offers by Buyers, which means that until the final confirmation all prices are only informatory, and the presented range of goods is not a binding business offer. This allows the Buyer to confirm all details with the Seller after placing the order online.

  3. When placing an order the Buyer should expect two confirmations:

  • first one – generated by the system – only confirms entering the order into the system

  • second one – generated by the Store administrator – is a final business offer presented to the Buyer. Confirmation of the order by the Buyer starts the execution of the order.

  1. On the Store website the Buyer can find information about availability of any goods. In some cases the time of execution can be longer than declared on the given goods’ webpages. The Seller makes everything he can so that all orders are executed in declared time.

  2. Ordered goods are shipped to the Buyer in two ways:

  • after the payment comes in to the Seller’s bank account

  • after the Buyer selects the execution by “CASH ON DELIVERY”.

  1. International shipping is executed only after the payment comes in to the Seller’s bank account.

  2. If the goods were custom-made to order, the order execution begins:

  • immediately – after the payment comes in (if the payment was made by bank transfer)

  • after receiving final confirmation from the Buyer – when the selected method of shipping was “CASH ON DELIVERY”.

  1. When the order is worth more than 700 zlotys, if the Buyer chooses the “CASH ON DELIVERY” method, he/she is obliged to pay a 100 zlotys advance payment by bank transfer to the Seller’s account.

  2. After making the payment the Buyer is informed by the Seller when the payment comes in to the Seller’s account.

  3. By placing an order in the way described above the Buyer declares his/her right to use personal data given by him/her to the Store in the process of placing an order, and that the order placed by him/her does not violate any rights of third parties, and especially that the shipping address given by the Buyer does not belong to any parties not notified about placing an order in the Store.

  4. In case of violation by the Buyer of any rights of third parties mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Seller has the right to take any legal action to determine the perpetrator of the abuse and to get compensation for his losses or losses of the injured party.

  5. Technical requirements necessary for the proper use of the Store services:

          - Connection to the Internet,
          - Using one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7 +, Firefox 3.6 +, Google Chrome, Opera 10 +, Safari
          - Cookies support



The Buyer can pay for ordered goods:
  • by bank transfer,
  • by PAYU,
  • by “CASH ON DELIVERY” (only for domestic sales),
  • by PayPal (5% rake-off is added automatically) – after receiving of Buyer's order the Seller will send an invoice.
Payments for ordered goods can be transferred directly to the account:

LORIFACTOR Łukasz i Katarzyna Lewandowscy s.c.
ul. Lucerniana 68
95-030 Stara Gadka

For international transfers in EUR currency:
IBAN Account number: PL 17 2490 0005 0000 4600 5904 1498


  1. Ordered goods are shipped to the Buyer via Polish Postal Service or a delivery service.

  2. Shipping costs depend on the weight of the package and the chosen shipping method.


Returns and complaints

  1. The Buyer has the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days

  2. When returning purchased goods the Buyer is expected to send the goods together with original invoice, to the Seller’s address and give the Seller the bank account number or address for the money return. The Seller does not charge any additional fees resulting from above procedures.

  3. The Seller informs that he accepts any complaints concerning malfunctioning purchased goods, if malfunctions do not result from improper use.

  4. If the exchange of the faulty item to the fault-free one will be impossible, the Seller will offer to the Buyer other item of similar properties or, in a way arranged with the Buyer, will return the payment for the faulty goods.

  5. In best interest of the Buyer, the Seller commits himself to careful and diligent processing of the returns and complaints of goods.


The company collecting data: Lorifactor s.c., Gadka Stara, ul. Lucerniana 68, 95-100 Rzgów

If you have any additional questions concerning our privacy policy, please contact us using information published on our website.


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