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KS-081 Medieval knife with wooden handle
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Knight girdle - enameled and gilded
Availability: Custom work - individual calculation
This type of knightly girdles was widly represented by iconography of 14th and 15th century. This certain girdle is patterned on belt on gravestone of Rudolf v. Sachsenhausen (+1371). Compound of M-19 fittings, enameled laid on a gross leather belt ( sewed by hand ) with another as solid as first one. Belt with fittings fastened with a large four-leaf rosette designed by customer, which back side has a fastener. This kind of belt as well as fastener allow only a slight regulation of circumference, so it is vital to exactly measure circumference in apparel or armament.

Belt can be furnished with ears for sword or dagger.

Dated: 1360-1450

Width: Belt with fittings ~6 cm., rosette - 11 x 11 cm.

Source: Iconogrophy - belt from gravestone from 1350-1450.
Gravestones from Germany: Rudolf von Sachsenhausen +1371 (Frankfurt), Graf von Katzenelnbogen +1370 (Wiesbaden-Biebriech),
Gravestones from England: Sir Edwar Dalinrugge +1386, Sir Thomas Cheyne +1368, William de Breyene +1395, Edmund Peacock +1400.

Material: brass, natural leather, enamels, gold

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